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Besides asking for ROHS report from our suppliers for all the raw materials, We will still check whether the materials can meet our requirements for Environmental Management as well. What’s more, we have sampling test in our own lab, because we have imported many latest testing equipments from overseas, for example, the ICP Plasma Emission Spectrometer from USA can test the content of heavy metal, X-Ray Fluorenscence Spectrometer can check whether the material or product meet ROHS or not, FTIR Spectrograph can have component analysis etc.

Moreover, since we can produce Halogen Free Wire, so we have Halogen Free Tester to inspect whether it reach Halogen Free standard or not. Only when all the materials reach the related standards can they put into production.


In the process of production, we will test whether the finished wire can meet the related requirements or not, for example, the infrared detector can check whether the OD is in the standard range, the sparkle machine can test the voltage on-site etc. After the production is finished, we will choose some samples at random to our lab to have some characteristic test like aging test in the aging oven, tensile strength test for the elongation of the insulation, resistance test for both conductor and insulation, low temperature test in the cooling chamber, and gravitometer testing the specific gravity of the insulation etc. In April 2012, we imported the latest vertical flame test equipment, ZJ-8820B,which can test the flame class of the product.

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